“I’m not ready to say everything”: Jacques Cardoze talks about his arrival in Touche pas à mon poste and his meeting with Cyril Hanouna


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Why did Jacques Cardoze want to join Touche pas à mon poste?
The journalist confirmed that it was he who contacted Cyril Hanouna last July to ask him to join the show. “I sent him a little message via social media. I asked to see him and we met. We drank iced tea in Paris. It was very sober and very simple. He asked me what I had in mind. I told him: ‘If I come, it is not to read AFP dispatches, I am ready today to be able to give a little of my opinion and to write myself in the editorial'”. he detailed. He made no secret of the fact that he did it knowing he was taking a risk. But the television man has now achieved his career goals and has nothing left to lose. “I’m 54 years old, I’ve had the chance to do lots of great things in my life. My dreams as a journalist – I was a correspondent in New York, in London – that’s really what I wanted to do when I was little. I got Complementary investigation as a bonus, everything that comes afterwards is happiness. (…) I have fun, I take a lot of pleasure,” he said. he adds.

These subjects that Jacques Cardoze does not wish to address in TPMP
“And this contact with Cyril was super simple. We had a few exchanges. We then communicated during the summer. I think there was a little distrust. He said he was with the Complement who is on me…”, he clarified about his relationship with the C8 troublemaker. Jacques Cardoze, however, stressed that he was not ready to say everything about him on the show and that he intended to keep a secret garden. “There are areas on which I do not want to reveal myself,” he pointed out. “I don’t have to intervene in everything. I have to know how to have fun with it. It’s an intellectual challenge to not necessarily give him what we want to hide. I don’t know whether I will succeed. But in any case, I am not ready to say everything,” he noted.

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